Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Intro to Miaoli

The days are quickly winding down to my big trip! Just a few weeks now. I can feel the anxiety building as I start to pack up everything and getting all my preparations done. So much to do, so many people to see and bid goodbye to.

Anyway, I guess I should provide a bit more information on the place I will call home for the next year. I have been assigned to Miaoli County in western Taiwan. It is located between Taipei and Taichung (about 1.5 hours train ride from Taipei, and 1 hour from Taichung). Surrounded by mountains, natural scenery, with a sub tropical climate, Miaoli county is considered to be one of Taiwan's best travel destinations.

I will be teaching English at Tongluo Elementary, located in Tongluo township. It's a pretty small town, population of about 20,000. No point Googling it, there's not much information available online. Here are just a few pictures I have scavenged of the town and the school I will be teaching at.

 Street view of Tongluo town

Tongluo Elementary

While Tongluo is a small rural town, I heard transportation to nearby larger cities is very convenient and affordable (only 1/2 hour to Hsinchu city) so I should still have plenty to do on my weekends. I plan to travel to as many places as I can during my stay there, I guess I need to start saving up for those traveling expenses!

Still waiting for my host school to send me updates and photos of the apartment they have found for me. Stay tuned for more photos!