Saturday, June 16, 2012

Season of Change

This is definitely a season of change. Seems like all around me, everyone is going through some sort of drastic changes in their lives, graduating, getting engaged, getting married, establishing a career, having a baby...Makes me want to take a closer look at myself and examine the changes I'm going through as well.

It's funny how only five months ago, as I watched the world changed around me, I had felt like I was stuck in the same mundane part of my life for much too long. I remember the uncertainty I felt about my future, my longing for freedom, to escape to places I never knew, to find a life I never knew existed. As I watched the lives of the people around me starting to move forth, rapidly transforming, maturing, I, too, longed for that sense of adventure. I think my wish has been granted...
Finishing school and getting out there in the world is one thing. To REALLY "get out there in the world" (literally) is another, and pretty soon, I will be doing just that. I am definitely not the same person I was coming into college. I never would have even dared to imagine myself as an adventurous individual, yet here I am, throwing myself into the greatest change I can possibly think of, flipping my world upside down, abandoning most traces of my life here in the States to start a new life half way across the world. 

New country, new lifestyle, new people, new languages. I have not a clue what will await me as I step foot into Taiwan, only that I will be teaching elementary English in the rural township of Tongluo, in Miaoli county,Taiwan. I have a feeling this will be my biggest challenge so far, both mentally and physically. Nevertheless, I am excited beyond words, just thinking of all the new experiences waiting around the corner. I vowed to myself, I will make this coming year the greatest year yet!

No matter what, I will always remember a saying someone once told me, I should always "assume the best, prepare for the worst." Mystery, is one of the greatest delights of life.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

This is it!

This is it. This is where my adventure starts, where my life officially begins.

Tune in for updates and details on my new life as I embark on this huge journey to the little, delightful island of Taiwan.
Feel free to leave your questions and comments.

Wish me luck!